Mending the Broken Bridges: the beautiful land called Cyprus.

Recently the South and North of Cyprus held a meeting in an attempt to Re-unite and live in Harmony forever, from the meeting  hope of re-unification among the estrange brothers excite all of them.
This Re-unification move was anchored by United Nation representative.
I had a brief chat with the UN envoy  who disclose the importance of Cyprus unification to the world.
A tour around Cyprus has enriched me with more knowledge of the rich history and importance this Nation has to my own very Faith, a recent trip to the archives, St Barnabas,The Pillar of St Paul
St Paul's Church, Paphos and many more.

 I have some pictures to bless your day with and i want to thank my friend Mr: Ole Christian and the National Archives.

                                         Check Point north of Ledra Palace

                                                              Paphos Gate

                                                Danish A-coy preparing for parade

The Arap Ahmet quarter on the ramparts. TCs and Armenians once lived there in harmony.

                                                   Kyrenia Gate 1969
On the right is the Great Hamam/Büyük Hamam/ Turkish Baths, Once the Church of St. George of the Latins.

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